Tahini Sauce
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Tahini Sauce

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Tahini sauce is a simple, tangy, creamy, smooth, and flavor-packed sauce. It’s made from tahini, a dense paste made from crushed sesame seeds. Tahini sauce is a mixture of tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and water.

All you need to make this tahini recipe is sesame seeds and a little bit of olive oil. You will just toast the sesame seeds for a little bit and then blend them up with a little bit of oil until you get a nice and smooth paste. Instead of olive oil grapeseed oil or canola oil can also be used.

To save time I am not making tahini paste separately rather combined the toasted sesame seeds along with garlic, lemon juice, salt, oil, and made Tahini sauce directly.

Good tahini sauce should be rich and luxurious and should taste mildly nutty and savory. This tahini sauce recipe is incredibly versatile, as it shines on falafel, salads, pita sandwiches, bowls, and more!

Tahini contains more protein than milk and most nuts. It’s a rich source of B vitamins that boost energy and brain function, vitamin E, which is protective against heart disease and stroke, and important minerals, such as magnesium, iron, and calcium.

My basic version is similar to what you’d find at any middle east restaurant. The sauce is used as a condiment to accompany dishes like hummus, falafel, and babaganoush.

Well, I was craving hummus and didn’t have any tahini on-hand, so I quickly whipped some up and made a fabulous batch of hummus with it. Tahini is super simple to make yourself and tastes even better than store-bought!

Let’s learn how to make fresh, ultra-creamy, light, and flavorful Hummus at home.

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Preparation Time: 10min  ∏  Cooking Time: 5mins  ∏  Servings: 1/2 cup

Level: Beginners (Easy)  ∏  Measurement: 1 Cup ≡ 250 ml ≡ 250gm

Ingredients Checklist:

How to make Tahini Sauce :

Step1: Heat a skillet on low-medium flame. Transfer the sesame seeds to a skillet and toast it, stirring constantly for about 5 minutes or until the seeds are lightly colored and fragrant. Be careful, sesame seeds burn very easily.

Step2: Allow seeds to cool for about 10 minutes. Then transfer to a food processor or a blender.

Step3: Using the pulse mode process until it turns into powder.

Step4: Now add around 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 clove garlic, 2-3 teaspoon lemon juice, and salt as per taste.

Step5: Process the mixture into a paste, scraping down the sides. Add more olive oil if required. If you’re using a powerful machine, you don’t need to add oil.

Step6: Add a little bit of warm water and blend again until you reach the desired consistency. After a few minutes of blending, the sauce will turn into a rich, smooth paste. If the mixture is too thick, slowly add more warm water until it reaches the preferred consistency. You may need quite a bit of water depending on the thickness of your tahini paste.

Step7: Transfer the tahini sauce to a serving bowl, and if you like stir in fresh chopped parsley or make some hummus out of it. Enjoy!

Tahini Sauce


  • Taste often during the blending process and add more lemon juice or salt, if desired.
  • Use only a little bit of warm water at a time until you reach your desired consistency.
  • You can make this tahini sauce ahead of time, refrigerate in a tight-lid container for 2 to 3 days.

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