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Caramel Makhana

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Caramel Makhana or Gur Makhana or Caramel Foxnut is sweet with just the right balance of crunch from the foxnut and sweetness from the jaggery. This super easy recipe for Caramel Makhana takes 10 minutes from start to finish!

With a thin, crispy, even coating of glazed caramel on every piece with some sesame seeds on top, this caramel makhana stays crispy for weeks. But that’s not the case in my house as it disappears very fast. Sometimes they get finished even before going to the jar.

Whenever I want a quick snack to have on hand, Gur makhana or caramel foxnut (lotus seeds) are on my go-to recipe list. My son just love the salted foxnut, so I thought of surprising him with the sweet version.

I am not a big fan of pop-corn and I feel that foxnuts are the better substitute. So whenever we have a movie-night I always make them in advance. Now I never buy popcorn and use foxnut instead as they are more healthy as compared to popcorns.

Health benefits of makhana

  • Foxnuts are a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.
  • They are low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats and are good for your heart making them an ideal snack for untimely hunger pangs.
  • The high calcium content makes them great for bone and teeth health.
  • Fox-nut or lotus seeds are gluten-free, protein-rich food. This high nutrition value of makhanas makes them a perfect and healthy snack and are commonly used in Indian cooking during the fasting period.

Tips to make perfect caramel makhana

  • Make sure to roast makhana’s before adding to jaggery. Foxnut (Makhana) should be crispy.
  • Be patient while toasting makhana or foxnut and make sure to roast them on low-medium flame.
  • Do not hurry while roasting the makhana. A perfectly roasted makhana should be crisp and crunchy like popcorn.
  • If you are making in bulk, do it in batches.
  • Instead of jaggery, jaggery powder, or brown sugar can also be used in this recipe.
  • I will recommend adding as pinch of salt to make them more nutty.
  • I have added 1 teaspoon of ghee for toasting makhana, for making it vegan you may add coconut oil.
  • Sesame seeds give nice texture and crunchiness to them. You may also add coconut powder.
  • They can be stored in an airtight container for a week at room temperature. If you leave them exposed to air then they will lose their crispness.

This addictive sweet and salty Caramel Makhana makes a ton for movie night, parties or gifts and is fabulous to make ahead or in bulk.

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Preparation Time: 5mins  ∏  Cooking Time: 5mins  ∏  Servings: 1cup

Level: Beginners (Easy)  ∏  Measurement: 1 Cup ≡ 250 ml ≡ 250gm

Ingredients Checklist:

How to make Caramel Makhana:

Step1: To toast the makhana first heat a frying pan or kadai on low-medium flame. Add 1/2 teaspoon ghee along with 1 cup foxnut.

Step2: Stir constantly and roast until they slightly change in color and turns crispy. It will take around 3-4 minutes. Once done turn off the flame and keep it aside to cool down a bit.

Step3: Heat the same pan on low flame and pour 1/2 teaspoon ghee along with 2-3 tablespoon jaggery. Keep stirring and break jaggery using spatula (I have grated the jaggery before adding). You can also add few drops of water if the jaggery is very thick.

Step4: It will start boiling in few minutes on low-medium flame. Stir continuously until syrup bubbles and thickens slightly. The syrup will start changing it’s color to dark. Add a pinch of salt (optional).

Step5: Turn off the flame. Quickly add the toasted foxnut (makhana) to the syrup along with a tablespoon of Sesame seed.

Step6: Give a quick stir and mix very well till all the fox nuts are well coated with the jaggery syrup.

Step7: Let them cool down to room temperature. The jaggery syrup will stick to the makhana (foxnuts), Once they are cooled separate them from each other.

Step8: Caramel Makhana is ready to be munched on. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Enjoy!

Caramel Makhana


  • You can store caramelized makhana in airtight container for a week.
  • Choose good quality jaggery for making this recipe.
  • Lotus seeds or Makhana can also be toasted in the oven or an air fryer. Toss makhana with ghee or butter in the air-fryer basket and Air fry them for 3-4 minutes at 390 F until crispy and brittle.
  • To clean the pan simply add 2-3 cups of water and let it boil then all the jaggery will meltdown and it can be easily cleaned.


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