Green Chili Pickle
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Green Chili Pickle

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Spicy, tangy, and loaded with flavor, Green Chili Pickle or Hari Mirch ka Achar is a delicious North Indian style pickle recipe where fresh green chilies are stuffed with spice mix, lemon juice then dipped in mustard oil.

Green Chili Pickle is an Indian style pickle made using fresh, green chilies, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin, carom seed, mustard oil, and salt. In order to make it slightly tangy and colorful, lemon juice and turmeric powder are added to it. Then chilies are either slit lengthwise and stuffed or the top crown is removed and then the spice mix is stuffed or pushed with the help of a small spoon or wooden dowel.

Pickles are deep-rooted in our culture and have the wonderful ability of taking us back in time. I still remember the large ceramic jars of red chili and Mango pickle that my mother used to make. Green Chili Pickle is a delightful way to spice up any meal. I am a person who sometimes craves simple dal, rice, yogurt and pickle.

If you ask my personal preference then nothing can beat those thick red stuffed chili pickles. In India, we get thick red chilies but here I am not able to find those red chilies in the grocery store so I usually make pickle with the thick green chili. If done properly this pickle easily stays for years or can say stays good till it lasts.

This Pickle is quick to make and addictive to eat. Since this pickle will be matured in the sun so its self-life will increase and can be stored for months. After you make this green chili pickle, place the jar by a window so that it gets sunlight and let it sit for 3-4 days before eating it. Shake it once a day so that the oil coats all the chilis.

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Preparation Time: 15mins  ∏  Cooking Time: 5mins(+Resting Time)  ∏  Servings: 20-25 person

Level: Intermediate(Medium)  ∏  Measurement: 1 Cup ≡ 250 ml ≡ 250gm

Ingredients Checklist:

How to make Green Chili Pickle:

Step1: Heat a skillet or pan on low-medium heat, add 1 tablespoon fenugreek seed, 1 teaspoon carom seeds, 2 tablespoon fennel seeds (saunf), 1 tablespoon cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon black peppercorn and dry-toast until fragrant. It will take around 2-3 minutes. (Do not brown it). Transfer it to a plate and let it cool down.

Step2: Then grind to a coarse powder using a grinder, spice mill or mortar pestle. Transfer and keep aside.

Step3: Now grind 1 tablespoon mustard seeds in a blender to make a coarse powder. I have used a combination of yellow and black mustard you may add any kind as per your preference.

Step4: Heat the mustard oil in a pan over high heat until it is almost smoking, then remove from the heat and let it cool slightly.

Step5: In the meanwhile, we will prepare the chilies. Wash and dry the chilies and cut a vertical lengthwise slit in each one on one side. To make more space for stuffing remove the seeds using a knife or a small spoon. Similarly, make a slit in all the chilies. Do not throw the seeds we will use it in the stuffing. Keep aside.

Step6: In a bowl, add the ground spice mix, powdered mustard, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 2 tablespoon salt (or as per taste), 1/8 teaspoon asafetida (hing), 1 tablespoon black salt. Mix well. Then add around 2 tablespoon lemon juice.

Step7: Take the reserved chili seeds(from step 6) and chop them, then add them into the spice mix. Stuffing is ready.

Step8: Apply some oil in your palms and finger to avoid any burning sensation. Gently open the slit, take some spice mixture and stuff tightly in each chili. The same way stuff all the chilis with the masala and keep it on a plate.

Step9: Now dip all the stuffed green chilies in the warm mustard oil so that it’s well coated with the oil from all sides.

Step10: Keep the Green Chili Pickle in a sterilized ceramic or glass jar along with the oil. Tie a muslin cloth on the mouth of the jar and keep it in direct sunlight for 4-7 days.

Step11: Enjoy the delicious pickle, stuffed with spices. Enjoy stuffed green chili pickle with your meal!

Green Chili Pickle


  • Make sure to use good quality mustard oil for the authentic flavor.
  • Instead of dry-toast seeds, you may keep them under the sun for 2-3 hours to remove any moisture.
  • Wash and completely dry the green chilies before stuffing or alternatively keep the green under Sun for a couple of hours.
  • As an alternative to stuffing the chilies, you can slice them into 1/8“pieces and mix them in with the spice mixture.
  • In the entire process make sure to use a glass bowl or jar. Steel utensils can make the achaar rancid.
  • Store in glass or ceramic jar, also make sure the jar is completely dry with no moisture.
  • The seeds can be removed if you don’t prefer too much heat in your chili pickle.

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