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Patra is made up of Arbi (colocasia) leaves coated with a thin batter of spiced besan. They can be layered, folded, and then rolled (like a Swiss roll), before being steamed. Cut into rounds and pan fry for a teatime snack. With colocasia as its main ingredient, this lip-smacking recipe gives a whole new experience to your taste buds. You may not find a more exotic pakora anywhere. In the same way, they are prepared in the northern part of India just the spices are a bit different. It is also known as Patode in the north-eastern part of India.

I feel nostalgic whenever I think of eating this scrumptious snack. In our terrace garden, my Dad grew these plants in the pot and whenever they grow enough then my Mom used to make this during the rainy season. This recipe will become your family’s favorite once you serve it in the next family gathering.

This recipe requires some patience, skill, and practice, however, it is easy once you start doing it. You can pair this delicious recipe with any chutney of your choice.

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Preparation Time: 15mins  ∏  Cooking Time: 25mins  ∏  Servings: 2-3

Level: Intermediate(Medium)  ∏  Measurement: 1 Cup ≡ 250 ml ≡ 250gm

Ingredients Checklist:

How to make Patra:

Step1: Gently wash arbi leaves with water and pat dry with a paper towel on both sides. It should be completely dry before proceeding. Then place leaf with the vein side facing upwards on a clean dry surface and remove the thick vein using a sharp knife.


Step2: Soak some tamarind or Imli in 2-3 tablespoon hot water and keep it aside for 10 mins. Then mash it with the spoon to make a paste. Using strainer strain the pulp out and reserve the tamarind water.

Step3: Take gram flour in a bowl. Add ½ teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi), 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1 teaspoon coriander powder, 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder, a pinch of asafoetida (hing) and salt to taste.

Step4: Now add 1 tablespoon grated jaggery (gur), 3 teaspoon tamarind (imli) water, 1 teaspoon ginger-chilli paste (or crushed). (You may adjust the amount of jaggery and tamarind water according to your taste).

Step5: Start adding water in parts, mix very well using a whisk till the jaggery melts and becomes smooth.

Step6: Add 1-2 tablespoon water in batches till you get a smooth thick pourable paste without any lumps. The mixture should not be runny.

Step7: Place a leaf on a clean flat surface, shiny side facing downwards. Spread a little besan mixture evenly on the colocasia leaf using your fingers.

Step8: Place another leaf over it but with its pointed end in the opposite direction of the first one. Again spread a little besan mixture evenly over the leaf.

Step9: Repeat this process for a total of 3-4 leaves depending upon the size of the leaves (I have used 3 leaves in 1 roll, as the size of the leaves were big). Then fold the leaves around 2” from both sides and from the top. Apply some paste on the folded ends as well this will help leaves to stick together tightly while rolling it.

Step10: Start rolling it tightly from one end to another end. Finally secure the other end using a little besan mixture and keep aside. Apply the paste to seal whenever required. Similarly, prepare the remaining rolls and keep aside.

Step11: Heat water in a pot or steamer on medium-high heat. Apply some oil on the steamer basket.

Step12: Place the rolls in a steamer container (I have cut the roll in 2 parts so that it will easily accommodate in my pot). Close the lid and steam for 10-15 minutes.

Step13: Once done, Keep them aside to cool completely for around 10-12 minutes.

Step14: Cut each roll into half-inch thick slices and keep aside.

Step15: Heat a large skillet or pan over a low-medium flame. When the pan is hot, add the oil. Once the oil is shimmering, add black mustard seeds, sesame seeds, a pinch of asafoetida and slit green chili. Reduce the heat to low and cook until seeds pop for one minute.

Step16: Add the patra pieces, arrange them in single layer and cook on a low-medium flame till the bottom layer becomes crispy, it will take around 3-4 minutes. Keep checking in between.

Step17:  Using spoon, flip each pieces upside down and fry them for additional 3-4 minutes till they become brown and crispy.

Step18: Turn off the flame. Garnish with grated coconut and fresh coriander leaves.

Step19:  Serve them hot with the choice of your chutney and tea. Enjoy.



  • While making the paste do not add water at once. Add them in batches to avoid the mixture getting too runny.
  • Remove all possible thick veins of the leaves as possible using knife without damaging the leaf.
  • While rolling them try to make a tight roll and apply besan paste wherever required.
  • Once the patra roll is steamed, let them cooled completely before cutting them in pieces to avoid breaking them in parts.

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